LED International GmbH

LED International was founded in order to reduce the global and excessive CO2 Emissions. This is our goal!

The company was founded by two international businessmen from Spain and Germany. We are on the market with very competitive prices, because everybody schould have opportunity and access to our LED products. All our products are approved by all respective laws and regulations that has to do with LED.

Light with LED - the world still will be.

Our products have the latest technology in energy saving lighting, called the LED lighting / diode. LED lighting is actually general spots and bulbs with small LEDs built in. These small LEDs are electronic components emitting power when they are exposed to electricity.
Therefore, LEDs have up to 80% lower energy consumption, they have a minimal heat generation, and 5 times longer lifespan than standard halogen lights and bulbs. Standard halogen lights and bulbs mostly consists of gas and metal wire, and has to be pre-heated every time, before they can emit light!

So our motto is "Light with LED - the world still will be."


LED lighting also results in up to 80% power saving compared to similar conventional lighting. LED lighting emits, in contrast to conventional light sources (bulbs and halogen lights), not light as a byproduct of heat, but emits light directly when it is exposed to electricity. This helps the LEDīs not to suffer from a high loss of lifespan at the result of this heat development.

LED energy, as pure as ice.